An electric bicycle is environmentally friendly, affordable and fast. It is very helpful in your daily life. However, after buying an electric bike, you also need to make sure that the bicycle is in a good state all the time. Maintaining electric bicycles is a good way to save money because buying new ones from time to time can be very expensive. Beside, most electric bike maintenance can be done by yourself and does not cost you much money.

Maintaining an electric bicycle means keeping the bike at its best as much as possible and it is totally different from maintaining a normal bike. You can ask an electric bike shop to do the maintenance but I think performing bicycle maintenance on your own can be much more affordable. Below are some tips that you can remember when you want to maintain your electric bike in good state.


Battery is considered as the most important part because it is the power source of an electric bicycle. Therefore, you should keep it very carefully. First, you should know that depleting your battery completely can decrease the battery's life, so you need to save some reserve power on your battery. Second, do not leave the battery to recharge overnight. You should know that charging the battery overnight will damage the power source of your bike. Third, keep your battery away from rain or snow because electrical components will be damaged if they are immersed in water.


Excessive dirt will lead to unnecessary repairs, so clean your electric bike regularly to keep it running smoothly. When cleaning, you should remove any dirt, sand and mud that got worn on the bike and spray lubricant on the chain, levers and cables. By doing these, you will find that your bike can run much faster and quieter. So, if you have time, you can clean your bike after each ride.


Instead of leaving the bike out in the rain or snow, you should store it somewhere dry and cool. If the battery is wet, it will not last longer.

Electric bicycle's manual

If you do not have a manual, ask the electric bike seller to give it to you. Generally speaking, an electric bicycle's manual includes the basic bicycle maintenance procedures. You can check it for more detailed maintenance information.

If you want to keep your electric bike in good working condition, you can follow the above tips.


Source by Sharon R Chen