Bikes drive many people crazy and there have been instances wherein many people are involved in building their own customized bikes. This article is going to help you provide some of the tips with which you can build a cheap chopper. First of all it is important that you define the word cheap in your terms some people define cheap as an amount less than $ 5000 and some people consider an amount of less than $ 20000 as cheap, but the tips mentioned below would suit any user to stay below his budget.

  1. Check out your expertise level : To build a cheap chopper it is important that you do all the work right at the first time, incase you do commit mistakes in the first instance then this re-work will definitely cause you a concern as this will add up to your cost and then it would raise your budget. For the work which you do not expertise in, it is advisable that you do hire a reasonable priced professional who can actually do it well. Believe me this will pay you well in the long run.
  2. Plan earlier : Do not start work on building your chopper half planned it is always advisable that you do plan properly and then decide on what you are going to do. It is preferred that you decide on what the parts you would require are and what would be your range of price, and choose the parts from the variety of options. It is not necessary that you buy each and every part at once, but it would be better that you stick to a particular plan otherwise you may be in a position wherein you would be hanging with urgent purchases and these purchases would make you to purchase things at a high price, so always ensure that you purchase things ahead.
  3. Incase you are planning to buy all cheaper stuff then it is always advisable that you buy stuff separately instead of buying a rolling chassis.
  4. Reuse the same parts: It would be an excellent idea incase you are considering using the old parts but the parts which are in good condition. For example a frame would not reveal if it is new or old one which has been custom painted. The same case will apply to the tanks also.
  5. Use the external sources: Most of the work you do can be really enhanced once you read the online publications, see the videos and on consulting a few of your friends you have done this before. On the net you will find loads of information, you can even get the step by step guide on building the cheap chopper.
  6. Remember quality is first : It is always important to remember that you do not sacrifice the quality under any circumstances. If you have to make a choice between two parts one of which is highly priced but offers extremely good quality then it is advisable that you do not choose the cheaper part as this will not last long on the creepy roads. So just remember that you do not sacrifice quality on any circumstances and give utmost importance to safety.


Source by Chris E Martin