1. Save Money.

Cycling is one of the cheapest ways to travel. We will save petrol, tax and the cost of repairing a car. If you live in big cities you will avoid any potential congestion charge. A good bike can be got for just £ 150, this is a fraction of the cost of buying a car.

2. Keep fit.

Cycling is a great from of exercise. It enables us to build up our aerobic capacity without placing stress on joints and on our heart. Cycling has been proved to improve our circulation, which is good for our heart.

3. Lose weight.

If we drive everywhere and lead a sedentary lifestyle, it will be easy to put on weight, even with a moderate amount of food. However, if we cycle to work and do our shopping, then we will burn more calories. This will help us lose weight, if part of a calorie controlled diet.

4. Good for mood.

Stuck in a traffic jam makes us feel miserable. If we cycle we can dodge in between cars, we will not feel the same constants of being stuck in a car. Also when we exercise we release certain chemicals that give us an uplifting feeling. So, when we arrive at work we will feel better, than if we were driving a car.

5. Can be Quicker.

In many cities with chronic congestion problems cycling to work can be quicker than the bus or driving. The average speed of driving in London is less than 10mph, a cyclist can easily get to their destination quicker than cars. So we save both time and money.

6.Good for the environment

There is much concern at the moment about the effects of global warming. By cycling rather than driving we significantly reduce our carbon emissions, this is a very positive step in reducing our carbon emissions. Bikes also help improve the air quality.

7. Bikes do not kill people.

Cyclists are often criticized for bad road manners. However, cyclists are not responsible for the 3,200 people killed on British roads each year. When you drive there is always the potential you could get involved in an accident and kill other people. A bike very rarely causes serious injuries to others.

8. Reduce Congestion.

Cycling is the best way to reduce congestion in cities. They take up less space than cars.

9. Cycling in the rain is good fun.

It is in short doses anyway.

10. Cycling is great fun.

Everyone who cycled as a child has good memories from their first experience riding a bike. A bike represents movement, freedom and enjoyment. Relive the joy of childhood by buying a bike today.


Source by Tejvan Pettinger