I've been a daily cyclist for many years and during that time I've discovered quite a few tricks to keep my bike in top shape. When you put a lot of use into your bicycle, there are many parts that start to degrade if not taken care of properly. Here are five tips to prolong the life of your bicycle.

  • Rotate your tires – This is huge and most people never do it. The tread on your tires wears out very differently from front to rear. Breaking pressure and road procurement treat each tire very differently. Many times, if one tire wears thin, they must both be replaced to retain proper balance. By simply rotating the tires every 3 months, you can wear them equally and significantly prolong their life.
  • Clean your hubs – This is also a very overlooked maintenance issue that most hobbyists overlook. The hubs on your bike are vital to a smooth cycling experience and they wear out needlessly when neglected. Your hubs take a beating from your wheels and attract lots of dirt and grime. Simply cleaning them after each ride will allow you to not only maintain a smoother ride, but will save you money as hubs are quite expensive to replace.
  • Tune your bottom bracket – By having your bottom bracket tuned once or twice per year you will be able to have a safer ride and prolong the life of your bike. Bottom brackets are notorious for squeaking and lowering the efficiency of your bicycle. While this maintenance issue is a little hard for most people to perform themselves, bike shops can do this in a few minutes. The results will be a much smoother and faster ride and

I hope you found these three tips helpful. Bikes are expensive and most need replacement after only a few years due to silly neglect. Also, make sure to store your bicycle in a dry place such as a garage or inside of your home. Leaving your bike in the rain will certainly cause it to degrade rapidly.


Source by Jay Stanton