There is no better way to combine transportation and exercise than biking. Traveling on two wheels is a great activity for everyone. Who still doubts this should learn its great advantages.

Biking will increase your sense of balance, it will make you stronger, yet more supple and flexible, and, at the same time, more resistant. Moreover, you will lose kilograms, and your heart will be healthier and your body more fit.

Besides its benefits for your body, biking can also be an exceptional mood enhancer. Make a habit out of it and you will soon notice how wonderful you feel, how relaxed and how revitalized you are.

If these arguments have not convinced you yet, think of biking as a great way to run a more nature-friendly life. Replace driving with cycling for a less polluted air that you and the people around you are breathing every day. This option will also help you save important natural resources and money.

Another great thing about biking, especially in crowded cities, is that you will not need to waste time and energy to find a parking place for your bike, and you will be able to get across short distances really quickly.

One more point in favor of biking? You will never get caught in a traffic jam when your vehicle is a bike and you will have access on your bike even in areas with car traffic restrictions.

Last but not least, think about the money you can save if you replace your car with a bike, even if for short trips only. Your savings may not result in a huge fortune, but they will be considerable.

Give up driving and you'll see how your overall budget will increase since you do not have to pay for gas and other expenses with your car anymore.

Are you still having second thoughts about the benefits of biking?


Source by Val McQueen