If you are a cyclist and own a sedan, hatchback or any other car with a trunk, a trunk mount bike rack is a great option as a rear bicycle carrier for your vehicle. Even within this type of auto bike rack, there are many brands and contenders. But, there are some important things to consider when choosing the best trunk bike rack for your bicycle transportation needs.

Knowing how each type of trunk rack for bikes varies will help you choose the right carrier system. One big factor is the amount of bikes you’ll need to carry. The more bicycles that a rack can hold, the more expensive, usually. Also, with more carrying capacity, comes more weight and sometimes, more parts. All this should be considered first when choosing a trunk mount bike rack.

Some other options to consider are locking, bike mounting mechanisms, and ease of installation and daily use. All these are valid concerns that go into choosing any bicycle car rack, but especially a trunk bicycle rack. Everything else beyond these factors are a plus.

Installation is important because if you use the rack frequently, you want this to be easy. Some trunk racks come pre-assemble, which is ideal. There are many parts that come with car racks for bikes and having to not have to assemble the unit is great. Also, you need to consider whether you can store the bike carrier in your trunk while not in use or is there a secure and safe way to leave it on.

Being able to leave your bikes on the rack while attached to your trunk is also something to think about. After or before you go cycling, you may want to stop for some food or a drink and taking your bicycles off the rack to lock them off is just a hassle. So many bike racks now come with locks or some sort of locking mechanism so that your expensive bikes are safe from theft.

There are a few different ways that bike rack companies employ to mount your bike to the rack. Some have handles that the bicycle will rest on, then a strap or securing mechanism to keep the bike attached and safe while the car is in motion. Other racks have bars that attach to the wheels or different parts of the frame to minimize and possible damage to your bike frame. Additionally, for bikes with unconventional frames, you may have to get an adapter to be able to mount your bike on trunk mount bike racks that are made for standard sized bicycles.

As you can see, to find the perfect rear trunk bike rack, it’s not as easy as finding one in your price range. you’ll have to research the brands and options just like an other major purchase. But, as stated above, finding out the number of bikes you’ll need to transport is a good place to start your bike rack search.


Source by John J Tillman