The Voltbike Metro+ is one of the most affordable electric scooters around, available online in Canada and the US for under $1,000. It uses a heavy due to Sealed Lead Acid batteries, pedals don’t really work and there’s only one gear (use the twist throttle most of the time), limited 6 month warranty, Voltbike has been around since 2012. Several locking storage areas (some don’t close very easily), alarm system and remote start, LED lights and turn signals, fenders, four colors, suspension and hydraulic disc brakes.

While technically the Voltbike Metro+ is an electric “bicycle” it really looks and rides more like a scooter. The lower top speed and folding pedals mean you don’t need to have a license or insurance. The battery is fairly heavy at ~62 pounds but stored low and centrally on the frame. Considering this thing costs under $1,000 you get decent value (especially with the one year warranty) but some of the storage compartments don’t work super well, the ride is kind of stiff and it’s just heavy and possibly difficult to service if you get a flat tire. Replacement batteries cost ~$500. The bike does include an alarm system and electronic start. It comes with two fobs in case you lose one. The battery offers 36 volts with 20 amp hours and is a sealed lead acid chemistry SLA.