There are many Brands of Pit Bike’s out there and all produced at very different quality standards how do you know which ones to buy?

If you search around the internet for Pit Bikes you will find loads of people arguing over the best Pit Bikes, even though most of the have only seen a couple of pit bike which include their own and their friend’s, and as the Thumpstar is one of, if not the most popular Pit Bike in the world, it often gets referred to as the best even though it is very far from the truth.

Pit Bike prices range from £200 ($400) to over £1000 ($2000) dollars not including the Japanese bikes, and in most cases you can tell the quality by the price. My favourite and what I think are the best Pit Bike’s are the MonsterMoto’s they are much quicker that anything below the £1000 ($2000) mark and are the best build quality us at Pit Bike Heaven have tested.

Have a look at the engine specs below:

Engine Type – 125cc Single Cylinder

Air Cooled – 4 Stroke

Max Power – 9HP @ 8500 RPM

Compression – Ratio 9.6:1

Not bad for their lowest model especially when the average Pit Bike is between 5 – 7 HP, and the engine is made by ‘Jailing’ which is a factory that produces engines for ‘Honda’ in China and has done since the late 90’s

‘MonsterMoto’ make a range of different models including custom builds with a power output of up to 18.5hp to really show your mates who the boss is.


Source by Paul Treggs