I am sure that you have heard the kids talking about Ripstiks, Exboards, and Waveboards. Now you must be wondering what exactly these objects or terms that they are referring to are. Well, Ripstiks, Exboards, and Waveboards are popular brands of a new type of wheeled board. This new type of wheeled board is called the Custer board.

The Custer board is a hybrid board that is made to be ridden on streets and smooth, paved surfaces. The Custer board is a cross between a skateboard and a snowboard. The board is attached to two narrow caster trucks. There are two inline wheels on the bottom of the Caster board.

How Do You Propel a Caster Board?

One foot goes on each of the platforms. When you move the platforms back and forth with your feet in a pivotal motion, you set the wheels on the bottom of the Caster board in motion which then propels you forward. Caster boards are designed to move in one direction only. They are designed to move forward.

Is Balancing On a Caster Board Hard?

As with skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, learning to balance on these boards is a task to learn. Caster boards have a balancing technique of its own that needs to be methodically learned. Once you learn to balance on a Caster board, the task becomes easier and easier.

Think of the first time, or times, that you got a bike and were learning to ride it. No doubt you had a few falls and a couple of tumbles. Perhaps you even have some scars to show for it. But once you learned to ride a bicycle, it is something that is rarely forgotten, right? Well, the same concept can be applied to learning to ride a Caster board. At first, the task of learning to ride these new and modern boards may seem a little daunting, and you may even feel somewhat overwhelmed. However, with time, patience, and endurance, the task can be successful and you can accomplish the feat of learning to ride a Caster board. To put it in a nutshell, learning to ride a Caster board is not hard, but at the same time it is not easy.

What Size Caster Board Should I Choose?

Well, Caster boards do come in different sizes and weights. Caster boards come in mini versions and regular sized versions. There are Caster Boards that are heavier than others. You may want to try a few Caster boards out at your local sporting shop before deciding which one you want to buy. I have a niece that is seven years old and she has both a regular Ripstik and Exboard. The Ripstik is smaller and lighter, while the Exboard is longer and has a heavier feel to it. My niece really has no problem using both of these Caster boards, and I should add that she is quite tiny for a seven year old. I have not come across a brand of Caster boards that was too big or too little for my niece, or for me also, for that fact. I guess the deciding factor is all about preference rather than necessity.

Whatever brand or size of Caster board you choose to go with, I am fairly sure that you will have fun riding these great and new modern street boards.


Source by Jay Brandley