When you have a child who loves to skate one of the best presents you can get them is a good skateboard. No, not one of the ones you can buy in any store around the city, but one that you spend some money on. A skateboard that you buy in a skate shop.

Buying a skateboard from a skate shop will cost you a bit of money. But in most cases you can actually have your child create their very own board. How is this done? Well, it's a really cool thing to see a child's eyes light up and here is how it works.

Most of these stores will have several types of boards, both brand and style that you can buy. First your skater will get to pick out what type of board they want to have. Not only can they get a lighter weight skateboard, but one that might be a bit larger than regular, or even smaller. But the biggest thing is what brand they will pick. There are many out there to choose from, and your child will certainly have a favorite.

After they have the board picked out they will pick the trucks out. The trucks are the part of the skateboard that attach to the board, where you attach the wheels. There are several types of trucks out there to choose from. Again different colors and looks to these trucks too. Some of the better trucks may cost a bit more money.

Next will be the wheels, in this process you have several types of wheels, brands and colors that can be picked from. My son got red wheels to go on his board because the back of the board had a cool looking guy who was red. This can add style to the board and make it unique looking. Again these wheels may be more expensive depending on what kind your child picks out.

After that will be the bearings that are placed in the wheels. As with everything else, the better ones will add more cost to the overall price. However, the standard ones are pretty decent too. This will all matter on just how much money you are willing to spend.

Grip tape is next; Fortunately you really have only one choice for that item. Well, after a bit of research it looks like they do have more than one choice, but mostly it all has to do with what color of tape to place on the board. The standard choice is black grip tape.

Yes, this will not be a cheap item for you to purchase. But trust me, it will be something that your skater will cherish for a very long time.


Source by Daren Wincup