In large towns and cities scooters are starting to turn up everywhere. When your driving to work or shopping in town, odds are you'll notice there are more scooters on the road than there were just a few years ago. So why is this? It's simple, people are beginning to realize the benefits of buying a scooter an alternative to cars or public transport. Here are a few of these benefits:

The Price – It's quite simple really. Mopeds are far cheaper than cars and other automobiles. These days it's easy to spend over $ 20,000 on a new car and more than $ 10,000 on used models. Motorbikes are slightly better being in the $ 5000- $ 10,000 range, but are still incomparable to the value of a scooter. You can easily pick up a scooter in the $ 500- $ 2000 range. And if you add in the fuel efficiency factor they outclass other private modes of transport by a long way.

Fuel Efficiency – Gas prices are rising everyday and when it comes to fuel efficiency, there is little that can outclass a scooter. Gas scooters can get up from 80mpg; that's almost 60mpg better than the average car sold in 2006. Of course electric scooters do not produce pollutants at all and require no gasoline, meaning fewer trips to the gas station. This overall means a cleaner environment and fresher air for us all to breathe.

Safety – If your looking to stay out fatal accidents, scooters are far safer than the average car. Slower speeds mean less injuries when accidents occur and they will occur less often, as scooter riders have to concentrate more by having both hands on the steering. It also means cheaper insurance and lower costs for repairs.

Better in the City – Is not it annoying when you can not find a parking space. With a scooter you almost always can. Parking lots often have designated areas for cycles that are simply underused, meaning plenty of space to park and often in prime position. Better still some even fold down into cases no bigger than a large briefcase, meaning you can keep it under your desk, or anywhere else convenient. Naturally they are better in traffic. While everyone is stuck in morning traffic jams scooters we simply weave through the traffic to the front of the queue. Never be late for an important meeting simply because of bad traffic.

It's Fun – Driving a scooter is far more fun than a car. Cars are limited to road and have almost no freedom of movement outside the white lines. Scooters can go off road and weave through traffic making it a far more relaxed pleasurable experience.


Source by Oliver Henderson