Scooters can be said to have made commuting for millions of people suddenly much easier. During the latter phase of the 19th century, when factories were coming up and thousands of people were commuting from the world's rural locales into the cities, the problem of getting to and from work had to be addressed. The Far East which was just now entering into the industrialized realm, found that they had to find a way to commute. Scooters were the answer. These quickly evolved into the different types that we known today.

Today's major cities in the world have ab acute traffic problem. There are too many cars and too many people trying to get to work and school all at the same time. In places like Jakarta and Calcutta, or others like Mexico City, this problem can be acute. It is therefore not uncommon to see hundreds of scooters in the cities' streets.

Early scooters were foot powered but today's versions are either electric powered or gas powered. The foot powered ones are still in existence but are used more for recreational purposes rather than commuting. For longer distances and for more reliable performance, electric scooters are ideal. These are also used for recreational purposes as well in many parts of the US.

Electric scooters work by means of a battery-powered engine which is mounted inside the hull of the cycle. There is ample leg room at the center of the bike and the handle bars are not as pronounced as their counterparts the regular motor cycles.

The scooters have become very popular in many parts of the world. One of the reasons is because people are looking for alternative ways of saving money on motor fuel. It is not a secret that gasoline and petrol prices have been escalating in recent times. This has caused undue financial stress on many workers especially middle income workers. The result has been few motor sales and fewer commutes using motor cars. Other have been looking for alternative ways to save on gasoline. One of these ways has been to get electric scooters.

Electric scooters have become very efficient and easy to maintain. Unlike the motor car, the cost of maintaining an electric engine is significantly lower than that of a motor car. It is not unheard of for motor vehicle repair bill to reach astronomical heights. A $ 500 to $ 3000 repair bill is not uncommon. These numbers are unheard of with an electric scooter.

In the US, electric scooters have also become somewhat of a fad. From teens to grown ups, the scooters have become an excellent recreational item. During summer months when the weather permits, the scooters can become great ways of moving small to medium distances. Whether it is at the beach or around your local neighborhood, the scooters are spotted by kids and teens alike. In the past, scooters were relegated to the elderly who would use them for small distance commuting. It is still a great way for disabled people to get around.


Source by Theodor Cartman