In this modern world now we have bikes up to 27 gears, why? I do not know but were going to find out.

Now bikes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but most of all it's the geared that people look at most. It's usually suited by which type of riding you their downhill, 4 x, racing, bmx, dirt jumping and street, that's all I can think of for now. For instance people who live in the uplands have to come across steep hills going up or down that will intend them using their gears more often to fit their amount of energy that they want to use.

Fitting one is not a problem, just simply take all the mambo jumbo of including the shifters with derailleurs. Then undo your cassette by taking your lock ring tool and placing in the lock ring then you need a spanner to undo it. When that's done remove it carefully, if it's not wanted then flog it off to get some new parts. After just place your spacers in and your cog to make it like you've always wanted it to be, their you go its all done but usually there is a tensioner needed for vertical dropouts. Get an expert bike shop to do it; it did not cost me a penny.

Maybe now people will understand why we convert to singles speed and that's because some of us just have different styles of riding perhaps some people do not even switch gears for the sake of it.


Source by Gediminas Sleckus