World Industries is one of the big names in the skateboarding world, and you will see their logo plastered everywhere. These are known as the customizer's dream board. Lots of skaters choose to buy just the deck, and then outfit it with everything else as they see fit. The advantage is that you end up with exactly the skateboard you want, and not a model that's been made for you to buy. It also saves you money to build your own board. Customized boards straight from the company cost an arm and a leg, but you can build your own on a high school kid's allowance.

They have so many decks to choose from that your head will spin. Once the spinning stops, take some time and check out everything so that you can find the best board for you. Especially for those who want to customize, it's important to have exactly the design and style you crave. The designs are absolutely amazing. They have spared no detail at all in their designs. You are sure to be impressed with them. They have lots of racing themed boards, boards with pitchfork-carrying devils, skulls and flames, boom-boxes and much more. You have to really explore all that World Industries has to offer before you buy your deck and get started creating your board.

This company also offers a great warranty. Not all skateboard companies offer a good deal on the warranty, but this is one of the things that sets World Industries apart. They have so much confidence in the quality of their decks that they give you a lifetime warranty. If there are any problems with the deck due to manufacturing, they will replace it for you, and this goes for the entire life of the board, not just when you buy it. Even if the defect pops up several years down the road, the company will give you a brand new board free of charge. These guys really stand by their product.

The first step in building your board is to choose the style you like. There are lots of deck options to choose from, including Everlast, Mini, Liteeweat, Mid-Size, Full Size, Micro and Special Edition. Sorry, but you're heads going to spin again. Check out all of these and decide which feels best for you. Your local skate shop should have some boards for you to try and experienced skater staff to help out. Each deck type has its special qualities, and they're all good. It just depends on what you want. If the store does not have what you need, you can have them order the deck direct from the company, or you can order it online yourself.

Once you've got the design and the deck type, it's time to outfit your new board. World Industries offers all the accessories and extras you need, so you do not have to go anywhere else to get them. They are all about variety, and the variety of accessories and toys is stunning.

Building your own board is exciting for any skater. It gives you a chance to choose every part of the board and totally have it your way. For board builders, World Industries is the way to go. They specialize in custom boards, and offer everything you need from decks to accessories. You can get the perfect board you desire at a low price.


Source by John Pauls