Here is the verdict; If you are Yamaha c-93 biker enthusiast then conversion to HID light bulbs is the perfect replacement for your Yamaha c- 93 stock halogen headlights. If you admire Yamaha then HID kit should be the first upgrade to install on your Yamaha bike or ATV. Considering the history of bike manufacturing, Yamaha is considered one of the most diverse companies. The conversion provides you with a custom-made Yamaha factory wiring connectors. The conversion requires no modification to factory setting. There is no worry in installing the HID Lights as the installation as you can take it out any time and resale it. The output is 3X brighter light than halogen lights gives you a greater night-time driving joy and visibility with safety while using less energy.

The important factor here is it provides you with 3 times the light and lives approximately 10 times longer than the ordinary halogen lights. The technology advances in ballasts system makes it possible that it provides a steady 35 Watt output for the HID light bulbs while only consuming 3.4 A of energy, talking eco-friendly it uses less energy of the bike's battery and hence improving performance of the other systems on the bike. The night riding on your favorite Yamaha c-93 vehicles has never been safer and more exciting than ever because of the extra-lumens that your HID lights provide you.

The HID conversions for Yamaha are of premium quality, they are 100% water and weather proof giving you the freedom to ride without any fear in any weather conditions the nature can throw at you. The conversion kit includes everything you need to convert your bike to HID's the HID Bulbs, Ballasts and Wiring Harness. They are manufactured by the industry-leading experts with a 1 year manufacturer warranty to keep you away from any worries. The technical specification of the HID conversion kits includes the bulb it consumes 35 Watt and the output is 6000k Xenon bulb for Yamaha Rhinos. It draws about 3.4 Amp's from the battery and the input voltage required for the HID is 9-16 Volts. It needs an electric ballast of 35 Watts for successful operation.

The users state many benefits of their customization by converting to HID's. Now what are the advantages of HID Xenon lights over traditional halogen bulbs? The output light of xenon 35-A is up to 3x the lumens at the light source when compared to a 55-Watt halogen bulb. The second benefit is that of whiter light while the halogen light appears yellowish, the HID lighting system produces a light that is closer to that of natural sunlight. The HID's increased visibility in most night time driving or in the bad weather situations, this combination of a whiter color and a greater light output allows for a safer and more illuminated ride. The new conversion will consume less power; the HID systems draw significantly less power from your vehicles other essential electrical system. As far as life of the product is concerned HID's have a greater product life-HID lamp systems are designed to outlast even your vehicle. On average these bulbs will last 10 times longer than a traditional halogen bulb Yamaha Bulbs .


Source by Najeeb Ullah Khan