Mini Bikes – alternately known as "mini motos" or "pocket bikes" – are a favorite bike with many hobbyists that are defined by their incredibly lightweight frame, usually utilizing a 39cc or 49cc motor and riding mere inches from the ground. As petrol prices continue to rise, more and more people are looking for more fuel efficient means of transport.

Mini Bikes are not it, for while the Mini Bike is certainly a fabulously fuel-efficient means of transport, this size of vehicle is currently parked from the public roads. They are more of a novelty item than a practical means of transportation, at least for now, but larger vehicles such as electric powered bicycles, scooters, mopeds, motor tricycles, small motorbikes and even segway human transports are valid, viable, powered replacements to the gas guzzling cars we find on today's roads.

On our website we refer to these types of vehicles as "Eco Mini Bikes"; a new wave of economically efficient, low polluting transportation that is light, compact and will and will reduce your fuel bill considably. What's more, small vehicles can be amazingly fun to ride. With the wind in your hair and sun on your face you can zip across the landscape and have an amazingly fun time while doing so!

Commuting to work will also take on a new substance, when you consider how much gas you'll be saving. Being able to zip between grid-locked vehicles can also offer its unique form of novelty in peak traffic times. Last, but not in the least, you will be doing your part for the environment. You will become acknowledged as a citizen who is not afraid to demonstrate social responsibility. There is no question that lighter, more efficient vehicles are a new wave of future transport, which is what makes Eco Bikes incredibly cool!

Commuting to a job is not the only reason that every-day people are finding themselves with such excess fuel bills each week. School, shopping, errands, leisure activities and banking add to the overall gas consumption of a conventional car. You may not wish to do away with your main car, but just imagine how many common trips could be taken in your "Eco Mini Bike", saving you a substantial amount of money in the long run.

Did I allude to the unique rushes that a scooter, motorcycle or even electric bike offers the rider. As rivalry fires up in the efficient vehicle realm, new levels of innovation and ingenuity are being realized in these planet-saving vehicles. Prices are becoming more and more attractive too and that's not counting the fuel savings you will experience over time.

While you do not have to ride Mini Bikes to save yourself an outrageous fuel bill, there are numerous small vehicles that are just as economical and many would say, just as enjoyable to ride in. We exhibit many of the popular choices on our website.


Source by George D. Mitchell